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Polygiene nackkudde med huva

Upptäck Ovaers nackkudde i färgen Pitch Black - din nyckel till ultimat komfort och hygien. Våra Polygiene-nackkuddar är utrustade med avancerat Polygiene-material som effektivt minskar uppbyggnaden av skadliga bakterier, vilket ger dig en fräschare upplevelse vid användning. Med Polygiene behöver du inte oroa dig för dålig lukt eller oönskad mikrobiell tillväxt. Våra nackkuddar är skapade med din komfort och hälsa i åtanke. Med Polygiene håller sig dina produkter fräscha längre och uppmuntrar till ökad hållbarhet.

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Flexible air cushions for excellent support around the entire head
The patented neck pillow has separate air chambers that make the air cushion soft, flexible, and provide excellent support around the entire head. When the pillow is inflated, it offers support in all directions and prevents you from ending up in uncomfortable sleeping positions.

You can inflate the neck pillow in a single breath and deflate it in no time 
The large air valve allows you to fill the entire pillow with air in one breath. If you need to adjust the amount of air or release the air cushion, simply press lightly on the black flap inside the valve or hold it down. The nozzle is hidden and protected by a soft stretch pocket on the left side of the collar.

Detachable and spacious hood that darkens and provides invaluable privacy
With the hood, you can shield yourself from neighboring travelers and enjoy privacy while relaxing and watching a movie on the plane, for example. If you want complete privacy from your fellow passengers, you can lower the spacious hood all the way over your face, so you won't be disturbed by the cabin light or your neighbor's reading lamp. The hood has three layers of fabric over the eyes to ensure it gets really dark when you want to rest and sleep. Additionally, the inside of the hood is made of breathable mesh fabric. You can also remove the hood entirely if you prefer to use the neck pillow separately.

What is Polygiene Freshness™?

Polygiene Freshness™ includes innovative solutions for controlling odors in textiles. These technologies reduce odors in fabrics, keeping them fresh for longer and reducing the need for washing. It consists of Polygiene StayFresh™ and Polygiene OdorCrunch™, and this award-winning group of technologies redefines our concept of product freshness and encourages greater sustainability.

Polygiene Freshness™ solutions are accredited by bluesign® and Oeko-Tex® Eco-Passport. While the former promotes consumer safety, low impact on manufacturing, and responsible resource use, the latter supports responsible manufacturing and supply chains. Polygiene OdorCrunch™ also won the Scandinavian Outdoor Award in 2019.

How does Polygiene StayFresh™ work?
Polygiene StayFresh™ is a 24/7 odor control technology that prevents bacteria from circulating in the air and settling into the neck pillows. It is based on naturally occurring silver chloride, which inhibits bacterial growth and odor development in the pillow.

Personal User Benefits:

  • Polygiene keeps our neck pillows odor-free and fresh for longer.
  • Polygiene inhibits the growth of bacteria in your neck pillow.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Less frequent washing reduces energy and water consumption.
  • Greater durability promotes the transition from disposable products to more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Reduces the release of microfibers and microplastics, protecting the environment.

Polygiene Freshness™ is an innovative technology that enhances your neck pillow experience while promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. Buy a Polygiene neck pillow today and enjoy freshness and comfort with a positive impact on the planet.