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Our story

As travelers, there are many times when we need to take a nap or need a good night's sleep. It can occur on the early train to work, on the four-hour bus to visit a friend or on the long-haul flight to the dream destination. Our solution offers comfortable shade and darkness for the eyes, meets the same seclusion and feeling of relaxation as your own bedroom, to be able to relax among strangers and of course invent a superior headrest.


How everything started 

The ideas and design for Ovaer arose on a long flight from Bali to Sweden in 2012. The then newly purchased neck pillow did not meet the need for support that was expected and turned out not to work at all. Imagine the embarrassment of waking up to a stranger's shoulder where you also drooled on the woman's shirt. It was then that the idea of a product that would solve these embarrassing problems and also be able to provide proper support arose.


Award winning

With brilliant reviews from some of the world's most frequent travelers, such as the Swedish travel-couple Jon Olsson and Janni Delér. We are now very proud to be able to offer the same premium comfort on your future trips, regardless of destination.