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Ovaer nackkudde med inbyggd huva

Matcha rese-outfiten med våra snygga nackkudde i färgen Khaki Green. Nackkudden erbjuder flexibla luftkuddar och ger individuell komfort runt huvudet och stödjer nacken och huvudets alla vinklar. Den uppfällbara huvan ger dig möjlighet att skapa en privat sfär för avkoppling och ostörd vila, vilket gör att du kan ladda upp inför din destination.

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You inflate the pillow in one breath and empty in no time. 
The large air valve allows you to fill the entire pillow with air in one breath. If you then need to adjust the amount of air or empty the airbag, lightly press or hold the black flap inside the valve. The nozzle is hidden and protected by a soft stretch pocket on the left inside of the collar.

Smartly designed air cushion provides excellent support around the entire head.
The patented neck cushion has separate air chambers that make the air cushion soft, flexible and support extremely well around the entire head. When the pillow is inflated, it provides support in all directions and prevents you from ending up in uncomfortable sleeping positions.

Detachable and spacious hood that obscures and provides invaluable privacy
With the hood, you can shield yourself from wide-seated travelers and be separated when you relax and, for example, watch movies on the flight. If you want a completely private sphere from your other travelers, you can fold down the spacious hood all the way over your face so that you are not disturbed by the light in the cabin, or the glow from the neighbor's reading lamp. The hood has three layers of fabric over the eyes which ensures that it gets really dark when you want to rest and sleep. Otherwise, the inside of the hood is provided with an airy hollow fabric that breathes.

Use as a scarf
By loosening the bracket a little and draining the air out of the neck pillow, you can wear it like a scarf around your neck. Comfortable, warming and neat. It is also possible to remove the hood completely if you wish to use the neck pillow separately.

Two days left until you travel on vacation to Mexico. The last sales meeting in Gothenburg is ready and a, at best, four-hour train journey awaits you back to Stockholm. You carry the computer bag over your shoulder and wear Ovaer as a scarf, which is an advantage now when the weather is a bit rough outside. You are perfectly okay with the environmental policy on bus and train travel domestically, because it is your time for relaxation before the children's homework and evening routines. The train sounds for departure and the neck pillow you inflated in no time to the desired comfort. It is discreetly hidden inside the soft, cozy scarf even now when it is fully inflated. You think you're pulling over the hood to create privacy just before you go to sleep…. If only the thoughts of Mexico's green palm trees had not been there before.

A tip is to start writing a bucket list of destinations you dream of realizing.